HSE Flame cutting machines specifications

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The machine is lightweight, compact and versatile.

The automatic advance – which can be adapted to material strength and type – and its easy handling allow operators to concentrate fully on the cutting line and the torch.

With low gas and oxygen consumption, as well as a high working speed, perfect cuts are achieved (cut quality I according to DIN 2310).

The unit is suitable for operation in small rooms, as power is provided by a built-in accumulator.

Straight and bend cuts after marking:

Automatic advance built into machine, manual guidance and control. The same cuts are possible with a fitted support roller.

Automatic circular cuts:

from a radius of 30 mm with compass facility. The compass is easy to handle. The three-point machine support for circular cuts guarantees and provides for a solid footing. Feeding in cables and hoses from the top ensures perfect unit movement.

Automatic straight cuts:

of unlimited length by means of the roller guides and a standard angle bar NP 5 as a ruler. As the machine rests on the chassis – even in the case of uneven sheets - , right-angled cuts are always achieved.