E-Polishing Box Specifications

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E-Polishing Box is the innovative pickling and electropolishing tray by Nitty-Gritty, to satisfy those who need to either clean or polish small, but geometrically complex, items, such as as springs and screws.

By drawing on the Inverter technology that Nitty-Gritty apply to all their machines in order to control the current and best passivate every kind of surfaces, E-Polishing Box allows to use the pickling and polishing bath on stainless steel components, thanks to an electrochemical reaction moderated by a special patented electrodote.

The latter increases the production speed, which is up to three times faster than the polishing bath which uses traditional electrodotes.

E-Polishing is available in two models: a 3-litre capacity and a 6-litre capacity, which can be used with all the Clinox machines (for the 6-litre capacity model, it is advisable to use the Clinox Power machine).


E-Polishing box 3 litre:
Extern 284 x 154 x 180mm height.
Intern 260 x 130 x 160mm height.

E-Polishing box 6 litre:
Extern 284 x 284 x 180mm height.
Intern 260 x 260 x 160mm height.