Multi Mark Specifications

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Thanks to a special process (patent pending), Multi Mark is the first machine in the world to black mark on aluminium.

The Multi Mark marking system – with inverter technology and touch screen – through an instant electrochemical reaction, with a definite cost reduction compared to laser and serigraphic systems, guarantees a high quality definition for the marking on surfaces like: stainless steel, galvanized steel, chrome steel, carbon steel, aluminium, brass, chrome plastic, copper, titanium.

There are two possible marking types thanks to Multi Mark: black marking and white marking (localized electric discharge machining). For titanium surface marking it is possible to mark choosing from three different colors.

The strengths of the Multi Mark electrochemical marking system are: higher mechanical and chemical resistance than laser and serigraphic systems; speed; resistance to corrosion, with the marked part more resistant than the basic metal (tests available on request); no heating of the surfaces, ensuring the possibility to mark large dimension logos and trademarks on thin surfaces preventing deformation; the quality of detail is comparable to laser high definition marking; maximum flexibility with the choice to either use the all purpose marking screens or to produce disposable marking screens through the printing kit.

The high stability of the marking result, along with the complete absence of solvents, acids, or any dangerous substances, allows the use of Multi Mark in food, medical and pharmaceutical industries (tests of ionic transfer and release available on request).