Passi Test Plus Specifications

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Passi Test Plus is a tool designed to assess the real quality of the stainless steel. It consists of a “probe pen” that contains the electro-chemical solution and of an external storage unit. By pressing the probe pen on the surface, Passi Test Plus measures the open-circuit potential and the nobility of a metal thus measuring its corrosion resistance.

The test, which is non-destructive and non-damaging, is fast (the result is given in 15 seconds) and numerical: while the other passivation tests, purely chemical, are based on the interpretation of a colour (ferrocyanide test), thus offering a strongly subjective datum, often distorted by superficial impurities, Passi Test Plus releases an exact and , indisputable numerical value.

Passi Test Plus‘s internal system is calibrated in such a way that the zero is the discriminating point: if the value is higher than zero, then the stainless steel is passivated, if the value is lower than zero, the passivation is either scarce or nonexistent. As such, it is possible to compare different kinds of stainless steel: the higher than zero the value is, the better the passivation of the sample; the lower than zero the value is, the worse the passivation of the tested stainless steel.