TU-2, TU-3, TU-4 and TU-5, 12 till 215 mm

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The TU series of portable pipe end finishing machines can be fitted with an electric 220V or a pneumatic drive. The machine is clamped in the pipe using a self-centring shaft with 3-off keys. One can then quickly and easily adjust the cutting tool (toolbit) to the pipe diameter to be machined and then machine the pipe with the manual.

Technical specifications

TU-2 TU-3 TU-4 TU-5
Clamping range I.D 18 - 51,5 mm. 27 - 106 mm. 40 - 162 mm. 52 - 215 mm.
Clamping range special 12 - 27 mm. 16 - 29 mm. nvt.  nvt.
Feed travel Max. 55 mm. 65 mm. 40 mm. 65 mm.
Weight 4 Kg. 6 Kg. 9 Kg. 18 Kg.

We also have these machines available for demonstrations and rental.