TU-6, TU-12 and TU-14, 100 till 900 mm

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The TU-6, -12 and -14 portable pipe end preparation machines have a hydraulic, electrical or pneumatic drive.

With a self centering axis with 3 clamping jaws, the machine is clamped into the pipe.

Next the cutting tool (the toolbit) can be adjusted quick and easy on the diameter of the pipe that needs to be beveled.

With the manual feed the toolbit moves towards the pipe to make the bevel.

Technical specifications:

TU-6 TU-12 TU-14
Clamping range I.D 100-400 mm 120-605 mm  500- 900 mm 
Lenght feed 100 mm. 100 mm. 100 mm.
Weight  40 kg. 105 kg. 400 kg.

We also have these machines available for demonstrations and rental.