Exact PipeCut Machines specifications

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The original from Finland

For quick cutting from pipes. Ideal for use on construction site or in the workshop

Available types:
Exact 170E, range 15 - 170 mm. O.D.
Exact 220E, range 15 - 220 mm. O.D.
Exact 280 PRO, range 40 - 280 mm. O.D.
Exact 360 PRO, range 75 - 360 mm. O.D.
Exact 460 PRO, range 100 - 460 mm. O.D.

The Exact machines will fit for:
Stainless steel.
Cast iron.
All kinds of plastics.

Maximum pipe wall from 8 mm (20 mm PRO) steel and 14 mm (50 mm PRO) plastic.

We also have these machines available for demonstrations and rental.