Pipestoppers till 0.3 bar testing pressure specifications

Pipe plugs type 1020 till 0,3 bar testing pressure.

Sealing plugs for temporarily sealing piping.

The sealing plugs must be used in unpressurised piping.

These plugs can also be used for working with purg gas.

The maximum testing pressure is 0,1 bar > 600 mm. and 0,3 bar < 600 mm.

Equipped with passage with closing cap, two steel (or plastic) pressure plates, a wing nut and a single rubber ring.

Type 1021 is the same as type 1020 but equipped with a double rubber ring.

Type 1020 MULTI has several bolts that are tightened before clamping.

Type 1020-K is the same as the standard 1020, but the parts are made of plastic instead of steel.

Typ 1020 & 1021: PDF Download

Typ 1020 MULTI: PDF Download

Typ 1020-K Plastic: PDF Download

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