Conical stoppers specifications

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This system serves to protect the pipe welding ends from Ø 3,5 mm to Ø 260 mm. To seal the pipe ends against contamination during transport and storage. To seal the pipe ends against unwanted drafts / chimney effect. During preheating, welding and during the heat treatment.

Pipe plugs are always supplied without a hole, but are available on request at an additional cost with bore, provided that the smallest diameter allows a bore. Please tell us your desired diameter of the bore hole ! Bored Plugs are non-returnable !

Pipe Plugs made of Natural Rubber:
Heat-Resistant from - 20 °C to 90 °C.
Hardness: 40°Shore Colour: grey

Pipe Plugs made of Silicon:
Heat-Resistant from - 60 °C to 260 °C.
Hardness: 50°Shore Colour: translucent or black.