Eesiseel inflatable tube closers specifications

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Extreme strong, wear-resistant and multifunctional tube closers, for temporary closing of all kinds of tubes and pipes.

  • The Eesiseel is very easy to use and has a big diameter range.
  • The Eesiseel’s are obtainable in 5 different sizes, for closing of tubes with a diameter from 48 till 320 mm. 
Advantages & properties EESISEEL:
  • Big diameter range (48 t/m 320 mm). 
  • Simple in use.
  • Lasting and strong.
  • Provided with 1,5 meter hose and air valve.
  • Can be placed on difficult reachable places (through valves), in oval tubes and even in bends.
  • Reusable, simple to clean and resistant against oil and greases (ask for confirmation resistance), chemicals, hot water, etc.