FBM 25 TILL 150 MM Specifications

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EBM pipe end finishing machines are automatically operating machines for machining pipe ends or bevelling shafts.The machines are available in a range for pipe diameters 25 to 150 mm. The machines are designed as standard for machining pipes in an automatic machining cycle.

This machining cycle runs as :

  • start machine with pushbutton (head will rotate)
  • place pipe in clamp against the stop
  • press foot pedal or press button on the control panel
  • clamp closes and the stop moves away machine goes into express mode, then into the feed and the pipe is machined
  • Machine returns to the start position and the clamp goes open.

Thanks to this machining cycle it is possible to quickly give pipe ends a bevelled edge (both internally and externally) or smooth them off. These operations can be carried in 1 operation.