RIM and Ultra Rim clamps specifications

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PIPE ADJUSTING- and REFORMING CLAMPS for Pipes with diameters 4” - 72”+ standard

The RIM and ULTRA RIM Clamp series are designed to take on some of the toughest reforming jobs in the industry. These clamps make easy work of aligning and reforming. The standard RIM clamp is capable of reforming X45 - Sched. 80 with out-of-round conditions up to 50 mm. (depending of the pipe diameter). The ULTRA RIM Clamp readily reforms high tensile strength pipe X-80 and above with up to 25 mm. wall thickness and out-of-round conditions up to some 55 mm. (dependent of the diameter). For versatility and strength, the RIM Clamp or ULTRA RIM Clamp is your choice